Try It Kit


Everyone Likes To Try New Things.

Did you know you can TRY being an AVON Rep

without investing any money?

Whether you are local to me or states away I can help you give Avon a try.
There’s no commitment either, and never any pressure!  Just a “try before you buy” opportunity.

If after going through my step-by-step process,  you decide it’s not for you, simply place any orders you have collected through my Avon eStore and once they arrive just deliver them and you are done.

If you decide, after giving it a try, you are ready to sign up just go to THIS PAGE and register.  If  you have gotten the sales needed,  you can even use your profits to pay for your starter kit.

So…Are you ready to give Avon a try?

If the answer is “yes” just fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
I will send all the instructions and supplies you will need to get started.
If you would like a call first – just indicate that on the form.
I look forward to working and helping you make your Avon business a success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What will I receive in my Try It Kit?
    You will receive Brochures, Samples and an Order Book.
  2. How much do I need to sell in Orders to pay for my Avon Start Up Kit?
    A $25 kit will require $65 in Avon Sales.
    A $50 kit will require $130 in Avon Sales.
    A $100 kit will require $260 in Avon Sales.
    * Those numbers are a bare minimum for sales. You will need to cover the cost of shipping the products to you.
  3. What if I decide, after getting a few sales, this is not for me?
    Simple. Just place the order(s) online at and have it delivered to your house.  Once the order arrives, just pass it out to your customers. Please be sure to refer them to my Avon eStore for further service.
  4. So I made a bunch of sales and I’m excited to get started.  What do I do now?
    Contact me first. I will help figure your profit so you can pick you starter kit and get signed up.  You can also visit my Avon eStore and select “SELL AVON” and sign up from there. If you are asked for a reference code, please enter:  SANDRAWG


Once you have signed up as an Avon Representative, you will be given your own Avon eStore and Back Office where you can then go ahead and place your first order. (Feel free to call if you have questions.)
You will earn 40% commission on your first order. Congratulations!

Fill out the form if you are ready to give Avon a try!

Street, City/Town, State, Zip
Please be specific. I'll do the best I can.


SELL AVON – Just $25 to get Started



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