Become An Avon Representative – My WHY

Twenty years ago I was an Avon Rep.  I loved it!  I loved the Avon Opportunity, the extra money and the women who were my customers.  Some of them are still my friends today.

I don’t actually recall why I stopped.  Perhaps time constraints, perhaps marriage, perhaps a move.  It was a busy time for me 20 years ago and a lot has happened since then.

Today I am an Avon Sale Rep again, for just the same reasons I stated above.  I love the extra money and I love meeting new people and assisting with their purchases.  I love to see the expressions on my customers faces when they open the Avon products they bought.  It’s like watching a kid opening presents at Christmas time.  Such joy and delight.

Through my journey with Avon – both 20 years ago and today – I have always liked the supported I have received.  Both with the staff at Avon (when I call for assistance with questions or an order) and with my Upline.  This time I have signed up under an incredible woman who supports me and is always right there when I have questions about anything.  She is encouraging and knowledgeable.  If she doesn’t have the answer, she finds it and gets back to me.  I am happy for her help and support and look forward to a long and lasting friendship.  (Thanks Amy!)

Since I am just recently back into the business, I signed up in early July, I can only say that Avon has giving me a new and positive focus. (I recently became unemployed.)  I enjoy doing new things, learning new things and meeting new people.  While my journey with Avon has just started, I look forward to new friendships, partnerships, and people I can help in their  journey with Avon.



You get to decide how to run your Avon Business.  Choose face-to-face selling, online selling or both.  You can earn commission up to 40% and Avon automatically gives you your own Avon eStore when you sign up.

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